Z&A Police Box Cell

Time is generally not a factor when we create new products. Although it's true that we do take part in hunts and, so, build to a deadline, we mostly don't rush a product from the workshop to the shop. Recently though Antony was having a chat with Miss Eve of Evelock about what would make for quintessentially British builds, especially RLV builds, and suddenly he had an idea. During that evening he started throwing prims around (having also found the perfect set of textures) and soon the product was made. It did take a couple of rebuilds, as he kept fussing over the dimensions, but it was soon done. So, Z&A are excited to announce a new Z&A cell (which, due to Antony's constant nagging of Zardia, has had a quick release -- he might be a little too excited about it):

We think it's the perfect cell to hold your victim on any street corner.

As always, you'll find this new product in our main store or on the marketplace. Although, because the door is understandably narrow, we highly recommend you pop into the store first and have a play with the sample that's out on display.

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