Avatar Radar v1.6

It's been a while since we've mentioned the Avatar Radar here on the blog. Despite the lack of mention Antony has been tinkering with it on and off since the initial release (it's turned into a bit of a pet project for him -- something to tinker with when he's not busy on major projects) and, today, v1.6 has been released.

The main improvements, since the last announcement, include things like improved workings of the menus, the ability to configure the vertical scale used to position the avatars above the map, an access mode that lets you share the menu with others and some general improvements to the robustness of the detection of avatars and the way the avatar "bugs" clean themselves up.

As always, this is a free product. Just pop down to our main store to get a copy.

While you're there, don't forget that The Femdom Hunt III is now on and this means there is a gift hidden in the store somewhere (it also means there is a gift hidden on Raven Park and at around 60 other locations around the grid). Also, while you're at the main store, why not pop up to our new vehicle test track and try out our new range of RLV-enabled vehicles? They're all free to rez and play on so you can see if you like them before you even think about shopping for one.

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