Announcing: Z&A Vehicles

It might seem that, here at Z&A, we've been rather quiet over the past few months. To some degree we have been. One reason is that we've been working hard on organising The Femdom Hunt III (kicks off today). But that's not the only reason.

For the past couple or so months we've been working on a new product range. As with last year's release of the cells and the creation of the cell store we're launching with a whole range to choose from. There are 10 vehicles available right now from the main store and from the marketplace. In addition to the 10 new vehicles there are also 10 rezzer versions (these include a copy of the vehicle and a public rezzer that you can use to give access to the vehicle -- perfect if you want to provide a bit of fun for visitors to your parcel or region).

The new vehicles are as follows:

Each vehicle has an RLV-enabled sit point, some where the "victim" is the driver, some where the "victim" is a passenger. When locked on by RLV the other passengers get to control their access to their inventory, their rights to use IMs, etc. They also have the option to strip the victim.

All vehicles have copy permission (so you don't have to worry about losing it) and some are mesh. Because they are copy, rather than transfer, we have a no refund policy. But don't worry, we've thought about that. We don't want anyone paying for a product they've not tried. With this in mind we've created the Z&A Test Track:

We invite everyone to come along and use this facility to try out the vehicles. Just walk down the steps, round the front of the landing area, and touch the rez board for any vehicle you wish to try. You'll also find sale boards there for the vehicles and the rezzer versions.

If you have any questions about the vehicles please don't hesitate to drop Antony Fairport or Zardia Avindar a line and we'll do our best to answer all we can.

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