Raven Park Pony Area

In the past week we've had a minor move around of rental plots at Raven Park. In what's become a bit of a rare event for us, two plots came free but the space was very quickly snapped up. However, as part of the move around, we were left with a 1024 plot free. We did consider putting it back up for rent but, for now at least, we've decided to pull it into the main Raven Park plot and put a public play area on it.

So, as of today, Raven Park now has a small pony play area:

As well as the training circle you can see above you'll find a stable where you're free to keep your pony:

There's seating for the owners and handlers:

and for those who enjoy RLV and have a pony or two they need to keep locked up we've got a RLV paddock:

To find the pony area just land at Raven Park and take a walk past the pond or the cafe, over the bridge to the half of the region that contains the rental plots, and you'll find it there. Everyone is free to use the area, all we ask is that you keep in mind that you're surrounded by people's private homes. As always we require that you respect their privacy.

If you have any questions please contact Antony Fairport or Zardia Avindar.

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