Take Zanda for a ride

Most people who've been to our main store will have met Zanda. He's the scripted agent (AKA "bot") who keeps an eye on things and hands out group invites when people request them from the invite boards. And, often, he helps demonstrate devices or just be helpful. After the past couple of years he's been locked on things and had things locked on him. For most of last year he's been the welcome mat at the foot of the stairs next to the landing point.

It seems, however, that Antony has decided to take pity on him (chances are it's something to do with how he spent his time in-world yesterday) and he's set things up so Zanda can see more of the shop. Sort of.

He's created a custom version of the cage trolley and put Zanda inside it:

It's set to public use so anyone who comes into the store can hop on and drive it, taking Zanda on a tour of the ground floor (trust us, getting up the stairs isn't quite so easy).

The trolley is set to return to its parking spot one minute after you get off it so you don't have to worry about returning it yourself.

If you drop in and Zanda's not there, but the trolley is... sorry about that. It's likely his connection to the grid has been lost. He'll return later so do come back and check if you fancy a go.

So, have fun with him while it lasts. We're sure he'll appreciate seeing more of the store.

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