We're having a shindig

Anyone who knows Antony will know that he has a mild Firefly addiction. While this doesn't show too much in-world (there's the odd t-shirt, and an outfit he's been looking for a reason to wear for ages) he'll happily bang on about how awesome the show is given half a chance.

Recently he managed to get his Mistress hooked too. This became very apparent when, in conversation, she said that we should have a Firefly-themed dance at Raven Park at some point.

Given that Eve Terr of Evelock is also a fan, and there was talk about having a dance this weekend, the inevitable happened:

We'd be delighted if you could join us. All we ask is that you try and dress somewhat on the theme of Firefly. Which is easy enough. Think Western. Or Chinese. Or spacey. Or spacey Chinese western. Or, if you like, something with ruffles:

Or even naked:

It's all shiny.

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