Two new vehicles

It's been a while since we added to the Z&A range of RLV-enabled vehicles so we're delighted to announce that, today, we're adding two more to the range.

The first is sure to be very helpful on those busy regions where slaves need transporting around. It's a quad bike complete with RLV-capture cage on the back:

The second gives covered compact comfort. Well, for the driver anyway. As for where the RLV-captured and locked "victim" goes... let's just say you have to come try it out to get the full effect. ;)

You can come and try out both of these vehicles, and all the others that are available, at our vehicle test track at the main store.

For those who would like to make the vehicles available for public use on their plots or regions we, of course, also have the rezzer versions too (in the pack you get a copy rezzer as well as a copy of the vehicle for your own use):

As well as via vendors at the test track you'll also find the vehicles available in our main store, on the Second Life marketplace and at many affiliate locations.

1 comment:

  1. I love it that you revive the peel P50 as a capture vehicle.