Two new products

Today we're releasing two new products into the main store and onto the Second Life marketplace. The first is designed to be a rather uncomfortable bed. We call it the Z&A Crate Bed:

As well as being an uncomfortable place to sleep it also includes a chalk board at the foot of the bed which can display words or numbers select from four different categories. Here's a few examples:

The second product is a brand new take on our old cage table. This time done as part of our chestnut range and weighing in at just LI1!

The glass top of the table is texture change (by the owner or admins), with a selection of glass to match that of the Z&A Display Case.

Both products are now available from the new product display area of our main store as well as from the Second Life marketplace (just click either image to be taken to the listing). Copy permission versions of both products are also available in the main store.

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