Z&A Submission HUD v1.4

Anyone who follows Antony's blog will know that his Mistress is a very keen user of the Z&A Sub-Allowance HUD. One item that he seems to run out of quite often is his teleport allowance. Of course, he always claims that he uses every single teleport wisely, but how was his Mistress to know for sure?

With today's update to the retail version of the Z&A Submission HUD she can be sure of exactly where he's been, and when:

Version 1.4 adds a "Reporting" module which can be used to report when the sub/slave changes regions and also when they log in.

Reporting can be done either by sending an IM or by sending an email to a given email address (or, if you like, both).

As well as this new module we've also made a small change to the leashing system. Now, if the sub/slave is leashed to an object, they'll be denied the ability to edit that object. This means that there can be no sneaky moving of leash posts they'd otherwise have edit rights to.

Updates are already being sent out to everyone who has purchased (or being gifted) a copy of the the Submission HUD. If you miss your update you can simply pop into the main store, find the SubHUD vendor board, touch it and request a redelivery.

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