Three new cells

Today we're expanding our new range of cells with two reboots of older designs (so all mesh, much lower land impact and all the new features of the new cell engine) and the release of the cell that was one of our gifts for The Femdom Hunt V.

The TFHV gift cell is now known as the Chestnut Cage:

Designed to match our chestnut range of dungeon furniture it's the perfect place to keep your victim (or victims) before dragging them out and locking them on something so you can have your way with them.

Next we have the Light Glass cell:

This cell comes with a owner-visible menu for changing the glass to one of nine stained glass designs:

Finally we have something perfect for the garden, the Brick & Iron Bars cell:

All of these cells can be seen and tested in the new product display area of our main store and they are all available from the Second Life marketplace (just click any of the vendor images above to be taken to their listings).

Copy permission versions of all of the above are also available from our main store.

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