Two new cells and a SubHUD update

Today we're expanding our new range of cells with two reboots of older designs (so all mesh, lower land impact and all the new features of the new cell engine). The first is designed as an elegant wooden cell that we call the Gold Inlay Wood Cell:

The second aims to be much more solid-looking and a lot darker with a serious dungeon feel. We call it the Gothic Stone Cell:

Both of these cells can be seen and tested in the new product display area of our main store and they are all available from the Second Life marketplace (just click either of the vendor images above to be taken to their listings).

Copy permission versions of all of the above are also available from our main store.

Finally we've also released an update for the Z&A Submission HUD.

v1.5 is now available in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace. Changes in this release are:

  • Fixed a small bug in the region checking black/whitelist menu where pressing a blank button caused the menu to go away.
  • Added a new option to the region checking module so that there is the option to check on any sort of region change or only check when TPing into or logging into a region. This lets you set up your sub/slave so they can't go to prohibited regions directly but they can safely pass through them.
  • Tweaked the leashing code so that there's less chance of the particle chain being lost on relog.
  • Added all HUD positions as attachment restrictions in the restrict module.
Existing users of the retail version will be getting a new copy sent to them, or you can grab a fresh copy any time by coming into the shop, touching the board and requesting a redelivery.

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