Four new products

While the primary purpose of a cell is to keep your property safe there's something to be said in favour of a cell that serves more than one purpose. This new release tries to serve more than one purpose. Especially useful for those whose captives need a good cleaning, we call it the shower cell:

While it has all the usual features of a Z&A RLV cell it also has an extra menu option to turn on and off a nice big blast of water, ensuring those safely held inside get the chance to clean up and make themselves presentable.

Also, while it looks great in any viewer, the cell looks especially good with advanced lighting turned on, having nice clean tiles and slightly frosted glass (not too frosted though -- your property has no business hiding away from you).

Once thoroughly cleaned you might want to place your inmate on display and, depending on what parts you want to display, this next release might be just the thing. It's called the Legs Up Board and is designed to keep keep the victim nicely uncomfortable while leaving their more intimate parts wonderfully exposed for all to see. As with most of our hold and display devices it comes in light wood, dark wood and chestnut versions:

The cell and the three devices can be viewed and tested in the new products area of the main store, and they can also be found on the Second Life marketplace. If you'd prefer copy-permission versions you'll also find them available in the main store.

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