Two new cells

As we've mentioned before, while many of our cell designs are the type that aim to look very sturdy, we do also like to make one or two that appear as if they demand compliance rather than enforce it. The greenhouse is one good example; the inmate could break the glass to escape (okay, not really, it's the same cell system as all the others, but it's designed to look like they could) so the look is that of a cell where they know better than to do that.

What could be easier to break out of than glass? How about paper and delicate wood?

The owner's menu gives the ability to change the colour of the paper (with eight to choose from) as well as the ability to change the transparency level of the paper as seen from both the inside and the outside (by default it's opaque).

Much sturdier is the second release. Designed for the garden this is called the Summer House:

With this cell the owner's menu provides a choice of 10 different roof tile styles and eight different plants.

Both of these new cells are available for viewing (and playing) in the new product section of the main store and they can also be found listed on the Second Life marketplace (just click either of the images above to be taken to their listings). If you'd prefer a copy permission version you can also find that in the main store.

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