Z&A Dance Pole

The inspiration for Z&A products can come from all sorts of places: traditional designs, obvious designs, on occasion customer requests and, now and again, personal need. This release comes from the latter group.

As part of a long-term background project, that's now nearing completion, a male dance pole was needed. While some exist none quite did what was really needed for this project, where "really needed" means "is a RLV hold/display device at its very core". So now there is the Z&A Dance Pole:

It works just like all other Z&A hold/display devices and contains 3 different waiting poses (one kneeling, one standing and one laying) and 6 different dances -- the choice, as always, under the control of whoever has access to the locked victim.

The owner's menu provides a selection of metal colours and, if you want to have the pole sat on a stage or table of your own, there's a menu option to hide the base.

If you'd like to try the pole out you'll find a copy in the new product section of the main store. It's also available on the Second Life Marketplace. If you'd prefer a copy-permission version you'll also find that in the main store.

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