Z&A Naughty Corner and patio furniture

A good number of Z&A RLV hold/display devices are intended to look like they belong in the "ordinary" parts of a house (as opposed to, say, an actual play room or dungeon). In most cases those items are designed to look fairly ordinary, to blend in, to not stand out as BDSM devices. Today's new release could be said to take this to its logical conclusion in that it's a device that's designed to be used when totally invisible.

It's called the Z&A Naughty Corner:

The Z&A Naughty Corner will let you turn a corner of your room into an RLV-enabled hold/display device. When first rezzed a floor plate will be visible so you can see the direction it should face, and to allow easy moving into position. Once in the position you want it to be in you can use the setup menu to hide the floor plate.

Although invisible, it will now give you a large boxed area that can still be touched and gives all the usual Z&A menus. Also included are a collection of poses that range from very submissive to downright bratty.

To try it out for size please feel free to come down to the main store where there's a couple of examples out on a display in the new product section.

Also now available in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace is a small range of products that were originally launched a month ago and, for the whole of June, were only available from the Indulgence BDSM and Kink Fair:

You can find all of this patio furniture in the main garden area of the main store. As always, please do feel free to pop over and try it all out.

With all of these new products, if copy-permission versions are required, you can also find them in the main store.

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