Z&A Bank Vault Cell

I've added a new cell to the main store and the Second Life Marketplace. This cell is designed to have the look and feel of a bank vault, complete with thick metal door, large hinges and a large handle on the front. Possibly the perfect place to keep your most valuable possessions when you don't need them to hand.

As well as the usual array of Z&A cell system features, it also allows the owner to select how light or dark they want the walls to appear. The wall textures themselves are, much like with the custody block and the concrete cage, designed to appear seamless when multiple copies are placed next to each other.

As is normal with many Z&A products, you can find this in both a transfer version and a copy version.

You can view and test the cell in the new products section of the main store, and you'll also find it available for sale on the Second Life Marketplace (just click the images above to be taken to the listings).

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