Z&A Caged Cage

While many Z&A cells are designed to have the look and feel of something very secure (not all, of course -- there's plenty designed to look the opposite of secure while still being secure), these tend not to leave the inmate very exposed. Thick concrete and heavy metal doors generally give your victim somewhere to be invisible, hidden from the world.

Today's release is designed to be extra secure while also very exposing. It's a cage within a cage which we're calling the "Caged Cage".

The outer cage works like a normal Z&A cell -- the door mechanism working as you'd expect. The inner cage has its own door menu so you can open and close the inner cage without needing to open the outer. Just the perfect thing if you want to ensure one inmate is nice and secure before loading up another.

The cell also comes with a stark-looking lamp, which can be used to highlight the inmate when it's dark around them. The menu for the lamp lets you keep the light on all the time, off all the time or only on when it's dark on the region.

The light itself is designed to make the best use of shadows (should you have them turned on).

The cell comes in both transfer and copy versions and can be found (and tested) in the main store, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.

Many thanks to Anna for helping set this scene up.

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