Z&A Metal Stage Cell

New today in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace is a cell designed with showing off your property, or "products", in mind. It's called the Metal Stage cell:

When the Metal Stage cell was built I had in mind things like slave auctions or simply builds that were about showing off your captive. The cell itself is raised up on a stand, has an entrance at the rear and also has three projector lights that can be used to illuminate the inmates. The lights can be easily controlled via a menu and can be turned on, off or set to only turn on when the sun has set on the region.

As usual, the cell comes in both transfer and copy versions, both of which can be found in the main store and on the Second Life Marketplace.

If you want to try the cell out yourself just head down to the main store where you'll find a copy for testing rezzed in the new products area (and, of course, you'll find a copy with all the other cells in the cell section of the shop).

Many thanks to Anna for helping to set up this shoot
You can see Anna's take on how the cell might be used in a build over on her blog.

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