Raven Park dance this Saturday

After the brief "holiday" due to a busy RL for Anna and Antony, Raven Park dances are making a return this weekend. The theme this time around is very much a special one for Anna as it's based around the 20th "birthday" of one of her favourite TV shows!

Yup, this time around, get out your best wooden stakes, your best arse-kicking boots, or perhaps break out your favourite vampire, demon or librarian costumes. It's time to celebrate turning 20! Join us on Raven Park for a couple of hours of suitably-themed music by Miss Eve, a suitable build by Anna and lots of fun company by everyone.

Here's the details:

Date: Saturday March 18th
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr

PS: DON'T FORGET! If you're not in the US, the grid is currently an hour out from what you're used to. Be sure to check your times for this dance.

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