Z&A Vehicle (Kidnap Van)

Today I'm releasing the first of the "refits" of my older line of RLV-enabled vehicles. Given that the previous two releases have been vans of some sort (the Transport Van and the Delivery Van) it seemed to make sense to revamp the original Z&A RLV van. The name has changed from simply "Van" to "Kidnap Van", best reflecting what it was designed for and fitting in with the naming of the other two vans.

A number of other tweaks and changes have taken place. As well as using the new vehicle system (so using far fewer scripts and so script memory) it's also been updated with nice new projector lights.

The lights can, of course, be turned on and off, because sometimes you'll be wanting to take your captive for a nice daytime drive.

While the headlights alone do cast plenty of light for when you do need to see what you're doing at night...

...the roof mounted floodlights can be turned on as well to give an extra boost:

The vehicle itself provides seating for a driver and three normal passengers. In the back there's a nice secure cage for a RLV-controlled "victim".

All in all I think it's a perfect vehicle for a bit of urban/kidnap role play.

For those who wish to make the vehicle available for public use on their region, there's a public rezzer version too:

As well as including the normal vehicle (there's no need to buy both if you want a personal vehicle and a public rezzer version) it also includes a rezzer object that will rez copies of the vehicle that anyone can drive -- with a full clean-up system that ensures your region doesn't fill up with unwanted kidnap vans.

If you'd like to try the vehicle out, see what it looks like, see how it drives, etc, do feel free to pop down to the main store and head to the vehicle test area where you'll find a rezzer set up. As well as vendor boards in the main store you'll also find the vehicle and the rezzer for sale on the Second Life marketplace.

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