Z&A Vehicle (Transport Van)

Over the years I've made a point of re-working and refreshing various product ranges. This process has happened with the core RLV furniture, the restraints and also the cells. All that was left to revisit was the RLV vehicles. In the past month this process has started to happen.

Rather than remake all of the vehicles in one go I decided I'd make a single new one to try out all the little changes I was making and, then, as time goes on, each of the older vehicles will get its own refresh and upgrade (existing customers will get updates).

One main wish drove the redevelopment of the vehicle system: a desire to be able to produce vehicles that have multiple RLV-controlled seats. Simply put: it'd be fun and cool to be able to lock a handful of people on a vehicle and cart them around. Today I'm releasing the first vehicle that uses the new script engine and which also uses this new ability to the full:

The Prisoner Transport Van allows for a driver and non-RLV controlled passenger, and up to six RLV-controlled prisoners in a cell area in the back.

A good range of RLV restrictions are provided, including options such as controlling the ability to interact with IMs, interact with the world around them, access inventory and even optionally speak.

The vehicle itself has projector-based headlights and opening/closing doors.

For those who might wish to make the vehicle available for public use on their region, there is a public rezzer version too:

As well as including the normal vehicle (there's no need to buy both if you want a personal vehicle and a public rezzer version) it also includes a rezzer object that will rez copies of the vehicle that anyone can drive -- with a full clean-up system that ensures your region doesn't fill up with unwanted transport vans.

I think it will be the perfect prop for any form of prison or custody role play.

Pose for illustration purposes only; it isn't part of the vehicle.
Pose for illustration purposes only; it isn't part of the vehicle.
If you'd like to try the vehicle out, see what it looks like, see how it drives, etc, do feel free to pop down to the main store and head to the vehicle test area where you'll find a rezzer set up. As well as vendor boards in the main store you'll also find the vehicle and the rezzer for sale on the Second Life marketplace.

PS: For anyone wondering what the prison suit is that I'm wearing in the pictures, it's one of the range of convict jumpsuits made by Anna. There's also a dress version for anyone who might have a need for that.

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