The TMS Prison

The Mistresses femdom today announced a new facility on their sim: The TMS Prison.

The prison facility is aimed at male inmates who are also members of TMS (there is a fee for membership of TMS) and who wish to spend two or more days being watched over by the TMS guardesses.

We mention this here for two reasons: the first is that we think this will appeal to many of our customers. The second is that TMS were kind enough to choose some Z&A products for the build of the prison. Actually, there's also a third reason: we think it'll be an awesome experience. If you think it sounds like something you want to try either pop down to our main store (there's an information and application giver on the ground floor, just inside the main doorway, next to the display of welcome mats) or head directly to TMS itself to get more information.

PS: While you're at our main store, or at TMS, don't forget that there's still time to pick up some free RLV-enabled Halloween toys. There are vendor boards for them at both locations.

PPS: The sharp-eyed amongst you might recognise the cell in the backrgound of the above image. Others might be wondering what it is and where it's from. If you are wondering, it's one of the awesome Sweet Torments cells. Here at Z&A we're huge fans of Sweet Torments. Antony's Mistress adores hers, and Antony (mostly) adores being locked in them. If you've never looked at ST cells before we'd highly recommend them. Do be sure to pop to their main store, it's an experience.

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