Saying goodbye to the Z&A Productions workshop

The sim where we have our workshop (and always have had our workshop) is undergoing massive changes at the moment (in a good way, and we're fully involved -- we'll announce what's happening here when there's something to announce) and, as part of those changes, we had to take in our workshop and all the contents.

The current workshop is MkII of the Z&A workshop. We outgrew the first one in the first month of building, it was also housed over Zardia's home plot. When it got too much for her we grabbed a plot for the workshop itself and quickly (in the space of a couple of hours) built something that best fit out needs.

That was back in March this year and it's served us really well since then. But, there were glitches in it, and it used far more prims than was necessary. So, having taken in the workshop as part of the sim rebuild, we decided to build a newer, nicer, less prim-heavy workshop. We'll be rezzing that out in the next few days. Meanwhile...

Wave goodbye to workshop MkII. We had great times there. Hopefully MkIII will be even more fun.

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