Halloween photoshoot with the 24/7 Restricted group

Last Friday Z&A Productions got together with the 24/7 Restricted group and we had a Halloween photoshoot with many people taking part using one of the Z&A Halloween gifts that are currently avialable in the main store. The shoot itself took the best part of an hour -- partly because it was tough to get a bunch of people locked in ghosts and helmets into place (they do reduce the ability to communicate), but also because people were having random crashes (as is the way with Second Life, especially when you're trying to organise something).

But, after some effort, the shot was got. We think it was totally worth it:

Z&A would like to thank the people of 24/7 Resticted who took part, and especially Owen Meiyo (first pumpkin on the right) who made it all happen.

Sadly Zardia wasn't able to make it (such is the way of timezones), but Antony was. He's the second ghost on the right.

If you like the look of the pumpkin helmet, or the ghost, it's not too late to get one. We have them out at the main store and they'll be there until the end of the month. Have fun. :-)


  1. Well that a great fun and surelly we now have great Halloween costumes! And they are BDSM themed! \0/

  2. Glad you liked them. They were a blast to make. :-)