The box in the garden is now for sale

A couple of weeks back we told you about a fun little box we'd put in the garden. We're now happy to announce that it is available for sale. This is a joint development between Z&A Productions and BentTek and it's a greeter, visitor list builder and AI chatbot.

At first glance it looks just like any old one-prim box. However, inside is an AI (that uses Pandorabots) that will have a good old natter with you.

As well as a few other fun little features (for example, a knocking sound effect and some random(ish) bratting), the box is also a simple seat:

This way you've got somewhere to sit when you taunt your boxed slave. :-)

It's designed as a bit of fun, as a bit of a prank (Antony's already had one person IM him to say they really thought it was him stuck in the box) and also as a neat prop for roleplay sims (probably a good fit for those based on a pirate, Gorean or BDSM theme).

The product retails at L$300 a copy and it can be found on the Marketplace and also in the garden of the main store.

PS: As well as the one you'll find in our garden, you'll find a copy out and about to play with over at Shackles Femdom. Head for Zardia's place (she lives in the lighthouse -- just don't go inside, she gets cranky when people go inside her house and you really don't want to make a Drowess cranky).

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