Velvet Thorn Gifts and a Free RLV Snowman

Winter, for those in northern latitudes anyway, is here. And, as often happens in Second Life, some sims freeze over. It seems this has happened to The Velvet Thorn.

Coinciding with this, Z&A Productions have opened a store in the VT mall via which we're offering Christmas gifts to all members of The Velvet Thorn.

At the entrace to the doorway you'll find the Z&A Productions RLV-enabled snowman:

If you find that he's talking to you, you might want to make sure he's okay (hint: it's not him talking, it's some poor soul locked inside). The snowman is a free gift from Z&A Productions and is being given to anyone and everyone who wants one. You'll also find that he's available from our main store:

and also our small shop at Shackles. At all three locations, just look for this vendor board and touch it:

Inside the VT shop, towards the back, you'll find Z&A Productions' gift to all VT members:

To get the gift you need to be in the VT group and you need it to be your active group. All you need to do then is touch this vendor board:

Inside you'll find a collection of RLV-enabled goodies that have a Christmas theme.

In case you're wondering what that is at the top of the tree, in the shop, that's the Z&A chat bot -- Zanda Slacker. We've briefly moved him from our main store to the VT store so he can top off the Christmas tree. Given how he often talks about how he likes his dress (no kidding, he does, which is odd because he didn't own one) we decided he needed a dress that fit the season:

He seems to like it too:

[04:59] Antony Fairport: Do you like your new dress?
[04:59] Zanda Slacker: Yes I am proud of my new dress.
[04:59] Antony Fairport: Are you some kind of sissy?
[04:59] Zanda Slacker: No, I am certainly not and never have been a sissy.

We think he's in denial about being a sissy. Time will tell.

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