The Punishment Picker

Miss Vila, Antony's Mistress, has complained on and off how tiresome it can sometimes be, thinking up tasks or punishments for her boy. It's not that she doesn't enjoy making life hard for him, it's just that it seems unfair that she has to do all the work. Why have a boy in your service and then do all the work yourself?

Antony, being the good subbie that he is (can you tell this is Antony writing this?), decided to sit down and make something to make Miss Vila's life a little easier. After a little thought the concept of the punishment picker was born. After a bit of furious scripting Antony finally had something that works and, after a little bit of building, the first two products based on it are now available.

First off there is the Punishment Picker book:

An item that sits rather nicely on Miss Vila's desk:

After seeing the book Miss Vila suggested (as only a domme would suggest) to her boy that he should think about some other objects that will serve the same purpose. Her first suggestion was an hourglass. No sooner had she "suggested" it than Antony (again, being the very good subbie that he is) made one:

This too, of course, looks rather nice on Miss Vila's desk:

Both products (and the ones to follow, there's likely to be a few more) work in a very simple way. When a sub touches the object a random punishment is selected for them. Those punishments come from a notecard that contains a list of punishments. The punishment list is fully editable so you can create a list that perfectly suits your own needs. To make things even more interesting for the sub each punishment can contain multiple random values. So, not only can you have a punishment that is "Wear a gag", you can have a punishment that is "Wear a gag for N hours." where N will come out as a random number, the bounds of which you define. An example of such a rule:

Wear a gag for ${1,6,hour,hours}.

Punishments can also have multiple random values. For example:

Wear a gag for ${1,6,hour,hours} and a blindfold for ${1,3,hour,hours}.

Given a good number of punishments in a card, and given the random value facility shown above, the sub/slave/victim should be kept busy and guessing for quite some time.

Antony's sort of regretting coming up with the idea now.

If this sounds like something you'd like a copy of then you can buy them from the SL Marketplace, here:
Note that, for now, that's the only way you can get them. They're currently not available from any in-world Z&A shop (this might change in the future, we'll announce it here if it does). Also, keep this in mind: Miss Vila is nagging Antony about the price. She thinks it's too low. Both products are, at the time of writing, selling for L$50 each. If you like the sound of them we'd suggest grabbing them before Antony finally does as he's told and sets the real/final price.

Spread the word before Miss Vila gets her own way. She always does.

PS: If you'd like to try a Punishment Picker out before you buy, Antony has placed one in The Cafe at Shackles Femdom.

The one in The Cafe contains a punishment list that is specific to Shackles so, while you're there, do feel free to have your sub follow the punishments -- you're more than welcome to stay and play.

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