Pony Play dance

Yesterday afternoon we had the Z&A Pony Play dance, and it was a ton of fun. Ponies everywhere. Ponies outnumbering trainers by.... big numbers. More than ponies can count anyway. Why knew that the sorts of people that hang out at Raven Park dances are into near-nakedness, head-to-toe latex, head-to-toe latex near-nakedness and lots of strapping and bondage shoes and mittens and....

We have a full album of photos we took, and here's a few highlights:

As always we'd like to thank Eve for a fabulous set and we'd really like to thank everyone who came along. You all looked brilliant! It's tempting to have a Raven Park pony event at some point....

Meanwhile, we'll be back in a couple of weeks for another dance. We've given up predicting what the theme will be now. ;)


  1. Quite a fab outcome for a quickly improvised theme. And with Antpony's luck we might do pony-dances till the end of the year now :p

    1. That'd be terrible! Just terrible! ;)