Four new products

Today we've released four new products into our main store and onto the Second Life marketplace. Another set of "reboots" to improve on past ideas and fit into the new light and dark ranges of metal and wood dungeon furniture.

First up we have the Flying Kneel Display. A pair of posts and a leash plate to keep your victim in a rather uncomfortable kneeling position:

Should your victim start to complain about all that kneeling we've also got the Sub Throne so they can have a nice little sit down:

As well as having four different positions (legs open and closed and body back and relaxed or bent forwards with arms bent back) the wooden slats that make up the seat of the throne can be removed, leaving a nice hole that provides easy access to the victim's more tender parts.

As always these new products are available from the new product area in the main store and on our main marketplace shop. You'll also find them available at some of our mall locations and also through many of our affiliates.

Copy permission versions should appear in the shop in the next day or so.

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