Z&A Sub-Focus, Anti-Cam and newer viewers

This post mostly only affects customers who use the Z&A Anti-Cam and, to a slightly lesser extent, the Z&A Sub-Focus.

It's been brought to our attention that there is a bug with the latest SL viewers (those based on v2.x and later code) that causes the blurring of the screen to work incorrectly. The mechanism used, with older viewers, would simply blur the screen (the intended effect). With newer viewers (we've personally tested this with Firestorm 3.2.2 and Restrained Love Viewer, as well as blurring the screen, an unwanted "zoom" is also applied.

With both of the affected products the intended underlying behaviour remains the same -- a visual penalty is applied for letting your camera wander too far. From this point of view the products themselves still work in the intended fashion. But if you switch from an older viewer to a newer one you will notice that the penalty looks very different. This is the reason why.

Mo Noel of MoDesign has created a JIRA reporting this problem. If you are affected by this issue we strongly suggest that you visit, vote and "watch" this issue.

Please note that Phoenix 1.6 appears to be unaffected.

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