Announcing: Raven Park

Z&A Productions are delighted to announce that, starting today (2012-01-24), the plot that was formally known as "Shackles Femdom" has now become Raven Park. Mostly, not a lot changes -- the main hangout and play areas remain as they were and we will continue to use the area to showcase some of our own builds while, at the same time, showing off items from other builders that we greatly admire.

There are three main changes of note:
  1. Whereas Shackles Femdom was exclusively a Femdom hangout, Raven Park is a Femdom-themed hangout. This means that the rooms and toys available are aimed at Femdom role play, just as before. However, male dominance is no longer forbidden on the plot. This brings the location into line with Z&A Productions itself.
  2. The plot itself is now group owned by Z&A Productions. If you have any issues while using the facilities provided by Raven Park please get in contact with either Antony Fairport or Zardia Avindar. This also means that the old "Shackled" group that was used to send out news and notices will no longer be used. Anyone wishing to keep up with news about Raven Park should follow this blog and/or join "Friends of Z&A" in-world.
  3. The name. While the sim itself will still be called Shackles, the plot that was formally known as Shackles Femdom is now called Raven Park.
We imagine that more changes will happen over the next few months as our ideas for what Raven Park should be evolve.

Meanwhile, everyone's invited to come and make use of Raven Park. The landing point is still the same:


You'll find a group joiner and rules-given at the landing point.

And don't forget that this is happening next month:

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