Bouddicea Grand Reopening

Like many people who are involved with Second Life's Femdom community, we were rather sad to hear, a while back, that Bouddicea was to close. Bouddicea was one of the first Femdoms Antony and his Mistress ever visited and, more recently, they've been one of many Femdoms that have shown great support and encouragement for The Femdom Hunt.

So you can probably imagine how happy we were to hear the news of its demise was a little premature and, instead, it was to reopen in a new location. You can probably also imagine how delighted we were to be asked to take part in the reopening event.

We're very proud to be able to announce that we're one of the sponsors who have provided a gift for the mini-hunt that will be taking place this Sunday (coincidently this is also Z&A's third birthday -- but don't worry, there's no clash, our party is the following day).

If you fancy getting your hands on an exclusive Z&A build, as well as gifts from other Femdom-related builders, you might want to pop along this Sunday and take part in the hunt. There's other events too.

See this entry on the Strict Venus blog for more details.

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