Introducing: Raven Street

Today we're delighted to be able to announce the launch of a new venture for Z&A; a "shop within a shop", so to speak. For the past three years Z&A's primary focus for building has been on bondage furniture, restraints, cells and RLV vehicles. We are now launching "Raven Street". This is a brand that is part of, and exists within, Z&A, and provides a creative outlet for Vila Pixelmaid (who, as most know, is the other side of Zardia) and her boy (Antony, obviously).

The primary focus for Raven Street, to start with, is clothing -- especially latex and fetish clothing, and especially with a focus on mesh.

Raven Street shares the same main store as Z&A (very much as a "shop within a shop") but has its own marketplace presence. As of now, the first release of products are available in both those locations. The first releases are a range of four styles of latex dress, each with a range of colour combinations. Each one comes with a texture-change HUD so you can change the colour as you go (or change it and set it for good).





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