Z&A turn 3!

Yesterday (February 24th) was the third anniversary of us opening our first store. The first store was a very small affair in a very shabby mall. But we were very proud of it. Making the products, deciding on the name, creating the logo and setting it all up was loads of fun.

Three years on it's still loads of fun. The shop, however, is a little bigger these days. ;-)

To help celebrate three years as a build team in Second Life we've got a few things happening today. They are:

New RLV device product range

After a few months of scripting and building we're delighted to announce that we have the start of a new range of RLV-enabled BDSM furniture. You can read more about it in this blog entry.

New Z&A brand

We're also very excited to announce a new shop-within-a-shop, a new brand within the Z&A brand: Raven Street.

You can read more about Raven Street, and the products that are part of it, on this blog entry.

Birthday Party!

Finally, later today, we're hosting a birthday party at our main store.

As well as music provided by Eve Terr of Evelock fame, we'll also be giving away a special gift to all who attend.

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