Dance this Saturday

This Saturday sees us having another Raven Park dance.

Well, strictly speaking, it's not a Raven Park dance as, just this once, we're relocating it to Z&A's shop.

Well, strictly speaking, not the current Z&A shop.

The new Z&A shop.

The new Z&A shop that you won't have seen yet, and won't see until it turns up on Saturday.

See, Antony and his Mistress have being working away, on and off, on a new shop. The problem is that the current shop, once again, is getting full, so a bigger one was needed. And a bigger one is in the works. This Saturday we'll be nuking the old one, dropping the new one in place, and then spending a couple or so hours moving all the stock and boards into their new place.

That calls for a party.

Rumour has it that there'll also be a couple of new products kicking around and a special gift product made just for those who come dance with us.

As always, Eve Terr of Evelock fame will be creating a playlist that matches the theme perfectly.

The theme? That's an easy one: builders and building. Come in your best building gear, or dress as your favourite engineer, or come carrying your favourite tools (no, not that one! Well, okay, we're cool with that too).

Date: Saturday 4th May
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Music by: Eve Terr

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