Three new products

Carrying on with our project to "reboot" some of our very early builds, this week we're releasing three new products that do just that. First off is the Z&A Spanking Stand:

Finally, we have a new take on the popular Z&A Display Board. This time we've designed it so that it fits rather well along with the Z&A Display Sconce. It also includes an option in the setup menu that lets the owner select 1 of 56 different backdrops across 7 different groupings (two groups of chalk boards, two groups of tiles, leather, fabric and plaster). And, of course, because it's mod you can always place your own texture on it.

As always these new products are available from the new product area in the main store and on our main marketplace shop. You'll also find them available at some of our mall locations and also through many of our affiliates.

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