Five new products

As mentioned a week ago, we have an ongoing project to "reboot" some of our very earliest products; making use of mesh and also using our new RLV device scripts. This week we are releasing four products that seek to do just that.

First off are two rebooted versions of the first RLV device Antony built: the small display stand:

To go along with this we've also "rebooted" another product that was released at the same time, the tall display stand:

In addition to the above we have a product that came about as a special request. Sometimes it can take a while to get around to building something that has been requested (a reason why we never make promises about such builds -- it can be difficult to be sure about how our time will work out) but something like this has been sat on Antony's "todo" list ever since the new device product range was released. The request was all the push that was needed.

This one already has pride of place in Vila's studio. You can probably guess who gets to spend time on it while she's busy in there. ;)

As always these new products are available from the new product area in the main store and on our main marketplace shop. You'll also find them available at some of our mall locations and also through many of our affiliates.

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