Madame Lizbeth

Yesterday we were saddened to hear that Madame Lizbeth, founder and owner of TMS, had passed away. Our thoughts and condolences are with her family and friends in both first and Second Life.

Lizbeth played a very important part in the early days of Z&A, discovering us just after we’d opened our third (and what was possibly going to be, after having the locations of the first two close in quick succession, our final) shop. Her first shopping trip, accompanied by her friends and boys, is still seen by us as a significant event in our growth and evolution.

From that time on she was a great source of encouragement, inviting us to open a small shop at TMS, commissioning us to build gifts for TMS members when the TMS anniversary came around and generally pointing people in our direction.

She was also a great supporter of the idea of The Femdom Hunt. Each hunt ran a lot smoother thanks to Lizbeth and her fellow hunters from TMS getting out the moment the hunt started, helping to shake things down, find any glitches and generally help get the spirit of the hunt under way.

We know that the stories of Lizbeth’s influence and impact on the femdom community in Second Life will be many and varied and we felt that it was important that we shared ours. We will always be grateful to her for the encouragement she gave us.

She will be deeply missed.

Zardia Avindar/Vila Pixelmaid
Antony Fairport

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