Five new products

Today we're releasing a new restraint and also a reboot of another two of our very first builds, done as mesh (so with lower land impact) and with the new script system.

First off we have the Z&A Arm Ropes:

Designed to look awkward and potentially humiliating, with wrists bound to upper arms, they're built to RLV-control touch, editing, and building (as well as flying and running -- nobody in their right mind would run with their arms bound like that, right?).

You can find this in the new product section in our main store as well as on the Second Life Marketplace and on PrimBay.

Next we have a reboot of two products that were part of our very first set of releases back in February 2010. First there is the Z&A Wall Chains done in both rust and steel versions to match the new light and dark dungeon range:

And if you don't want to give your captives the luxury of sitting down, we have the Z&A Single Wall Chain:

You'll also find these in the new product display section in the main store as well as on the marketplace and on PrimBay. For those who might want to full a dungeon with them there's copy-permission versions available in the main store too.

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