Z&A Lamp Post

Today we're reintroducing the Z&A Lamp Post. This is a brand new version, scripted with the new RLV device engine, and remade in mesh with plenty of detail. With a land impact of just 4, and a working light that can be always on, always off or set to come on at region sunset and go off at region sunrise, it's a great way to have some RLV-enabled lighting.

You can find this in our main store, on the Second Life marketplace, at a number of our affiliates or on PrimBay. If you'd like a copy-permission version (ideal if you're lighting a whole region) you can find that in the main store or on PrimBay.

Talking of places that need lighting: just one rental plot reminds from the two that were announced last Friday. If you fancy the idea of being Z&A's neighbour and living on a BDSM-friendly adult region do take a look at our rentals page for more details.

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