Four new products

Now that the D/s hunt is over we're releasing the two gifts we made for it as products in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace. First off, we have the Z&A Plague Mask:

The mask contains a vision control system that provides eight different levels of blur (making the world around your sub/slave difficult to see but still workable), a HUDless blindfold and an optional forced-mouselook system. It also contains a gag with five levels of harshness and a renamer.

Next we have a simple yet effective little device aimed at dominants; the Z&A Kidnap HUD:

With this HUD you simply drop landmarks inside and then head out and scan for, and force-TP, willing RLV-using victims. This is likely used to best effect by filling it with landmarks for the insides of your favourite trapping cells. Because it's copy permission you could even create yourself a number of different kidnap HUDs, each one filled with different landmarks that best suit your chosen hunting ground.

Finally, we have two new product releases in our hold and display device range. The first is the Z&A Wall Lamp.

Designed to match the Z&A Lamp Post this too has an owner-controlled light menu that lets you have the light always on, always off or set to automatic mode so that it comes on when the Sun goes down and turns off again when it rises.

Finally, we have the Z&A Kennel:

Designed to be the perfect place to keep your sub or slave when they're "in the doghouse", it comes with a owner-only menu that lets you tint the white wood walls and door to any colour you wish.

Each of these products can be found in the main store as well as on the Second Life marketplace. Copy permission versions of the Wall Lamp and Kennel can also be found in the main store.

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