Four new products

Today we're releasing four new products. Three new items in our growing chestnut range (which retire older builds in our rosewood range) and another product in the small range of wearable devices.

First in the chestnut range is a version of the Z&A Wooden Horse:

Next we have two cell beds for the more tidy cells out there. We have the Z&A Cell Wall Bed:

and the Z&A Cell Floor Bed:

Finally, we have a new addition to our small range of wearable bondage devices. These are perfect to have in your sub/slave's #RLV folder so that you can appear to lock them in or on something even when you're in a no-rez location. Today's release is a version of our recently-released tall display cage:

As always, you'll find these products in the new release section of our main store as well as on the Second Life marketplace (just click on any of the images above to be taken the the product listings). Copy permission versions of the first three products can also be found in the main store.

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