Seven new products

Today we're releasing seven new products into the main store and onto the Second Life marketplace (thankfully they're adult rated anyway ;)). First off we're adding a turntable to the growing chestnut range:

As well as all the usual Z&A display device features it also has three spin speeds and the ability to change the spin direction. Just the thing to keep your sub or slave in a rather uncomfortable position.

Next, we have rebuilt versions of our old corner chains. These come in steel, rust and cast iron versions to match the light, dark and chestnut ranges. These are just the thing to make use of an empty corner in a dungeon or living room.

Finally, we've built a new product to replace our original circle display. This time it comes in versions for the light, dark and chestnut ranges:

As always, each of these products can be found in the new product area in front of the reception desk in our main store, and also on the Second Life marketplace (just click on the images above to be taken to their listings). Copy permission versions of these products can also be found in the main store.

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