All under one roof

For many years Z&A's marketplace presence has been split between two "shops". Starting today, that's no longer the case. Every single Z&A product can now be found in one location on the Second Life Marketplace.

The range of products available via the Marketplace has also been expanded. Every product that, before, was available in-world as a copy edition as well as the transfer edition, now has its copy edition also available through the Marketplace.

If you have either of the Z&A MP shops bookmarked, please update to make sure that the correct one is the one you'll always go to.

To celebrate the end of the consolidation process I'll be doing a special offer roughly every day this month (I say "roughly" because sometimes RL can get in the way). Each day a product on the Marketplace (and only on the Marketplace) will be reduced to half price; this will be announced in the "Friend of Z&A" group. When the next product is chosen, the previous one will go to its normal price. That's (hopefully) 29 special offers this month (yes, it is a leap year!).

None of this affects the Z&A main store; it's still there and fully stocked with all of the products available for viewing.

PS: This month is also Z&A's 6th birthday, so expect some more fun to happen later on in the month.

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