Z&A's 6th birthday party

Some time around now, six years ago, scripts were being written, prims were being glued together, names were being decided, logos were being designed, and all sorts of other little jobs were falling into place as the entity now known as Z&A was in the early stages of being born.

Rent was first paid on the first shop in the 19th, the name and logo followed around the 21st. Z&A didn't officially open for business until the 24th. So while the whole process was spread out over a couple of weeks in February 2010 it's the 24th that's marked in the calendar as the birthday.

Because this weekend's Raven Park dance is the one closest to that date it's being moved over to the Z&A main store and will become the Z&A birthday party. As before there'll be great tunes from Eve Terr and, of course, a little birthday gift to you from Z&A.

There's no theme as such, just come dressed as you wish; likely the more "you", or the more fetish, the better (for most people that's probably the same thing anyway). All that matters is you come and help Antony and friends celebrate six years of Z&A being on the grid, helping to make it a little more RLV-filled and a little more kinky.

Here's the details:

Date: February 20th 2016
Time: 3pm to 5pm SLT
Music by: Eve Terr

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