Z&A Wall & Railings Cell

New in the shop today is a cell that started life as the gift for those who came along to the Z&A birthday party. The design was driven by the wish to create something that would sit well in a garden and which would look.... not very cell-like. There's no visible floor so you can use whatever surface you wish, and no visible roof either. It could be said that a determined captive could climb the railings and get out. Of course, they wouldn't, your dominance over them would have them wishing to do otherwise (that and the fact that the roof, while invisible, is secure).

For obvious reasons I call it the Wall & Railings cell. It comes in both a transfer version...

...and a copy version...

The cell can be tested and purchased in the main store and it is, of course, available on the Second Life Marketplace (just click either of the images above to be taken to the relevant listing).

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