Z&A Ironing Board

New in the main store and on the Second Life marketplace is a product that should sit well alongside the floor scrub. Aimed at those who enjoy a little bit of domestic service, it's the Z&A Ironing Board:

Designed as a simple device for holding and locking down an avatar while they help maintain the household, it contains all the usual Z&A features and restrictions. The board gives out the iron and will, when possible, attempt to auto-attach it to your helpful victim. It's also the first Z&A product that will try and use Experiences to make this work more smoothly (don't worry, it's an optional feature and the product works just as well without it; you can read more about using Experiences elsewhere on the blog).

As usual, the product comes in a transfer version (see above) and also a copy version:

You can find, and test, the Ironing Board in the new products section of the main store; it's also available for purchase on the Second Life marketplace (simply click either of the images above to be taken to the relevant listings).


  1. What a lovely product. I hope you will enjoy many happy hours locked down and ironing my delicates. ;)

    1. You own underwear Mistress? :-O

    2. I will be auto-attaching the iron to your backside if you're not careful my love. THAT will be an experience. :-P