Dance this Saturday

This coming Saturday the Raven Park dance is returning to the recurring (and popular) approach of being themed after a sci-fi show or genre. This time around the choice was simple. In fact, it's a choice that has been held back so the timing is (more or less) perfect. This Saturday we'll be celebrating 50 years of arguably the best known British science fiction story. This Saturday we're going all...

That gives you 50 years of Time Lords, Time Ladies, companions, friends, villains, monsters and aliens to choose from. We also have a very special dance venue set out this time1. And you know for sure that the music will be just spot on. There might be some...

...and even some.... no, wait...

Perhaps it's best to just take a note of these coordinates in time and space and hope your TARDIS behaves:

Date: Saturday November 30th
Time: 4pm to 6pm SLT
Where: Raven Park
Music by: Eve Terr

1) Really. No kidding. Antony got a little carried away. It's already out too so feel free to come and explore it. You can't miss it. The entrance is next to the front door of the Raven Park Mansion. You'll know it when you see it.

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