Z&A Holding Cage

New today in the main store, and on the second life marketplace, is a cell that continues a recent trend in Z&A cells where it's designed to work seamlessly with other copies of itself, to make a nice block of cells. This one is designed with an outdoor holding area in mind. It's called the Holding Cage.

The cell itself is made of metal and chicken wire and provides an owner-only menu that gives steel, rusty or copper effect textures for the frame and increasing levels of rust for the chicken wire. As mentioned above, it is also designed so you can easily put out copies on the build grid and they nicely slot into place.

To aid with this, and to ensure there's no texture flash, there's also a setup menu where you can hide the left or right sides of the cell (the physics still works, nobody can escape, it's just a visual aid to make things work just right).

The new cell can be found on the Second Life marketplace (click either of the vendor images above to be taken to the relevant listing), and it can also be found for viewing and testing in the main store.

PS: Thanks once again to Anna for helping create the sample build setup above. In it she's wearing one of her convict dresses, and I'm wearing a planned new release of hers.

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