The Velvet Thorn Medieval Dungeon

Much like The Doctor in Doctor Who, every now and again The Velvet Thorn regenerates. For the first time in quite a while the region has undergone one such regeneration. Gone is the steampunk-themed flying boat, replaced with a pretty village-feel (one might even say village-feel) build down on the ground.

The new VT now has people landing at a brand new mall in the sky; here you'll find Z&A's new shop on the region:

Hidden in the caverns of this build, down on the ground, is a medieval dungeon which was kitted out by Miss Eve and which contains a number of "tools" that have been donated by Z&A. Miss Anna and I went on a bit of a tour this weekend and took some photos of what we found.

If dark and gloomy dungeons are your thing, do feel free to do as Mistress did and grab a supply of Z&A Spankers and pop over and torment your "poor" victim. Or, of course, head over to the Z&A shop in the VT mall, or the Z&A Main Store, and kit our your own dungeon with all sorts of RLV furniture. ;)

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